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Article: Best Tips for Pearl Care

Best Tips for Pearl Care - Belle Juri
pearl care

Best Tips for Pearl Care

Pearls are composed of organic material called calcium carbonate, which has poor chemical stability. Both acids and bases can corrode pearls. Normal skin secretes lactic acid, making sweat acidic with a pH value of 5.2 to 5.8. Thus, sweat can also have a corrosive effect on pearls. Taking care of pearl jewelry is similar to skincare and requires diligent care.

1. Daily Maintenance: Pearls are organic gemstones and are easily vulnerable to corrosion from acids or other chemicals. To avoid the damage of sweat, which contains acidic components, to the luster of pearls, use a soft silicone cloth to wipe off sweat and dirt after wearing them. Also, be mindful of avoiding contact with acid substances like salad dressings and fruit juices. Hairspray, perfume, nail polish remover, and other cosmetics can also damage the luster of pearls, so it is essential to wear jewelry after applying makeup. When wearing pearls, keep away from kitchen fumes.The excessive smoke in the kitchen can easily adhere to the surface of pearls and cause them to turn yellow. Additionally, avoid proximity to sources of heat as absorbing moisture can also cause pearls to lose their luster.

2. Storage Method: While pearls are more elastic and less prone to breakage compared to other gemstones, their low hardness makes them susceptible to scratches even with slight carelessness. When storing pearls, avoid collision with hard objects or contact with other jewelry. Be sure to store them separately in a velvet-lined jewelry box. - Avoid Sun Exposure and Maintain Moisture: Pearls contain a certain amount of moisture, which contributes to their shiny appearance. Therefore, it is essential to avoid direct sunlight. When storing pearls, do not place them in dry areas. You can have a cup of water nearby to allow pearls to absorb some moisture.

Cleaning Method for Pearls:

Prepare a mixture of water and shampoo, using any type of shampoo. Pour an appropriate amount of shampoo into a bowl and mix it with water.

1. Dip a makeup brush into the mixture of water and shampoo and gently brush the pearls. Remember not to put the pearls directly into the mixture.

2. Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe off the mixture and rinse the pearls. Let the pearls air dry on a soft cloth.

By following these methods for pearl care and cleaning, you can ensure that your pearls maintain their beauty and luster for a long time.


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