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Minimalist Pearl Cranium Pendant Necklace

Aanbiedingsprijs$64.71 USD Normale prijs$89.56 USD

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Belle Juri Pearl Cranium Minimalist Style Necklace
Minimalist Pearl Cranium Pendant Necklace Aanbiedingsprijs$64.71 USD Normale prijs$89.56 USD



The pearl skull is Belle’s signature design.  Historically, this symbol is rich in imagery and symbolism.  Many cultures believe that the skull can ward off disease.  Others believe they posses a supernatural ability to ward off evil spirits.  In the modern world, they are seen as a representation of the precious, fleeting nature of life, and a constant reminder of our impending mortality.  To wear these skulls is to embrace the wonders of life and make the most of every day we spend on this earth.


A Youthful Spin on a Timeless Classic

It’s the perfect combination of tradition and innovation - a classic stone that has been cherished for generations, crafted into an original design by young ambitious artists.  Belle and her collaborators understand that woman of all ages love a chance to be daring with their fashion choices.  It helps to keep us all young at heart.  An enchanting skull design can elevate any woman’s sense of fashion and help her embrace her inner wisdom and power.


Belle Juri’s Vision

Our mission is to explore the myriad ways the modern women embraces beauty. Every woman has her own story, and by accepting each other’s differences and embracing diversity, Belle has created the perfect line of jewelry for today’s era.  And while the company is thrilled at the reception it has received, their journey is just beginning.  Belle Juri looks forward to setting the industry standard for quality, innovation, and eclectic creativity for years to come.  Every piece Belle creates is proof of her unparalleled passion for beauty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Will D. (Summit, US)
Beautiful piece!

Created a "Love You to Death" themed gift set for my wife for Valentine's Day, came across Belle Juri and SO glad I did. She loves the necklace and it was the perfect gift. Thank you!

Marc B. (Asquith, CA)
Pearl cranium necklace

My girlfriend and I love skulls and this necklace is a nice addition to hit collection. I gave it to her as a gift and she loved it!

Sherry T. (King George, US)

I love skulls and this is such an unusual, beautiful piece of jewelry

Joy C. (Lakewood, US)

Gave it as a gift and she was thrilled!