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BelleJuri Pearl Carving

Artisan Pearl Jewelry to Reflect the Uniqueness and Elegance of the Modern Woman

Belle Juri had two goals in mind when she founded her company - to keep the ancient tradition of crafted pearl jewelry alive, and to give women a way to express their vibrance, vitality, and individuality.  Admittedly, these seemed like lofty goals  But she surrounded herself with a team of like minded artists and entrepreneurs, and wholly dedicated herself to her mission.  Now, after years of hard-work, laughter, and tears, her creations are proudly worn on nearly every corner of the globe.

History of Pearl

For centuries, pearl jewelry has been synonymous with elegance, grace, and even nobility.  In the ancient world, pearls were so rare that only those with the highest social standing had the means to wear them.  Queens and princesses were known to adorn themselves with pearls to project an aura of ethereal beauty.  

Belle Juri believes every women should feel like a queen.  And while pearls are now readily available, you’ll be hard-pressed to find them fashioned as intricately as the designs in her most recent collection.  These skulls are have a haunting allure to them that is almost impossible to put into words.  They radiate with energy, warmth, and even a hint of mischief.  Each one is uniquely adorned and completely one-of-a-kind - just like our customers.

Signature Skulls - A Celebration Of Life

The pearl skull is Belle’s signature design.  Historically, this symbol is rich in imagery and symbolism.  Many cultures believe that the skull can ward off disease.  Others believe they posses a supernatural ability to ward off evil spirits.  In the modern world, they are seen as a representation of the precious, fleeting nature of life, and a constant reminder of our impending mortality.  To wear these skulls is to embrace the wonders of life and make the most of every day we spend on this earth.

A Youthful Spin on a Timeless Classic

It’s the perfect combination of tradition and innovation - a classic stone that has been cherished for generations, crafted into an original design by young ambitious artists.  Belle and her collaborators understand that woman of all ages love a chance to be daring with their fashion choices.  It helps to keep us all young at heart.  An enchanting skull design can elevate any woman’s sense of fashion and help her embrace her inner wisdom and power.

Belle Juri’s Vision

 Belle Juri’s mission is to explore the myriad ways the modern women embraces beauty.  These works are meant to explore the shared experiences of being a woman - the joys and sorrows we all go through in our day-to-day lives.  But these works also explore the things that make us unique.  Every woman has her own story, and by accepting each other’s differences and embracing diversity, Belle has created the perfect line of jewelry for today’s era.  And while the company is thrilled at the reception it has received, their journey is just beginning.  Belle Juri looks forward to setting the industry standard for quality, innovation, and eclectic creativity for years to come.  Every piece Belle creates is proof of her unparalleled passion for beauty.